Saturday, December 29, 2012

Resolutions for New Years

Happy New Year! Here's my Resolutions for 2013.
It's that time of year again. Hoping this new year is better.

2- I want to volunteer and give something
back to the community.

Never think that a group of thoughful people
can change the world. Tt's the only thing that can.

#3- Get out and have more fun.
Now I have my Daughter we can go somewhere
every weekend. 

There are so many beautiful places
and villages,we can take off every day 
for a new adventure. 

#4 Take off the pounds,
write down what I eat every day.

OH what did I do?
Too much candies,  and cookies

#5-Get in that bike and Treadmill

#6-Get more involved with the Government.

How to obtain the Goals....
1-Wanting to WIN. Whatever it takes.
2- Don't CHEAT
3- Expect the pain and live with it. It's hard.
4-Ask, Why do I want this Goal?
 I will make the dream come true.
5- Set a time line, that's not impossible.
6- write down what you eat,
 make a vision board to see the Goals.
7- Good bye and Good luck    &   Happy New year..

Only someone with  mass killing in mind
would buy an assault gun.

Must make the men feel Macho, to have the big guns..
Posted by Yvonne @ La Petite Gallery
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Splenderosa said...

You always get it right!
Happy New Year, darling Yvonne...

joanny said...

Oh my poor little kitty,

Happy New Year 2013, Yvonne!

You are a shining star in my book...


DUTA said...

Very inspiring resolutions!
Happy New Year! May your wishes come true!

Barbara said...

So we can look forward to lots of lovely photos of your area this year.

Happy New Year to you Yvonne.

Nella said...

Dear Yvonne, love your vision and no nonsense approach to life!! Your resolve this year inspires me too!! N.xo

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Happy New Year, Yvonne; hope it's wonderful!
BTW, I've got big guns and I don't feel macho but I do feel safe.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Wow! That's a lot to take on in one life time. Wishing you success.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Hello Yvonne and Happy New Year to you and Renee. Here's to 2013 being filled with plenty of adventures for you both; lots of laughs, and happy memories. I must agree, the ban of semi-automatic weapons would make the states move in the right direction. I don't know how we can not?

Cheers my dear xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear and fabulous Yvonne! First of all, thank you for coming to view my dress. It was a pain to make, but a JOY to finish and finally SEE up in the window of a shop in town! YES! My first public display of my work at a professional level. All because of the loving and persistent encouragement of a blogger friend.

YOUR POSTS ARE JUST so filled with great ideas, PHOTOS (those cows on the treadmill...oh dear!) and of course, writing down what you eat! I truly believe that when we WRITE DOWN anything, it becomes immortalized. If we were to write down what we eat and then READ IT BACK TO OURSELVES, that could be such a powerful tool to change our motives, don't you think?

I am going to try it, though I eat healthy. I do however, overdo somethings that I could do without!!!

MUCH LOVE in 2013! Anita