Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Our 1920 Beautiful Movie Theater

We love  the Strand and the Simmons.

My Daughter and I have enjoyed this beautiful Theater, The best of movies,
Art films and documentaries are here. The up stairs has a bar, I have been told.
Never made it upstairs yet.
We went Christmas to see Downton Abby. It was a costume contest and a
fun night. Here's hoping everyone in the area will jump on board and Join this
lovely Theater as a new member.

They have Live shows too.

Today, the Strand has a National Historic Landmark designation from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Ida and Joseph Dondis built the theater in 1923 and the Dondis family operated it for over 60 years. Today their granddaughter, Jo Dondis, is chair of the Friends of the Strand Theatre Board.

"Friends of The Strand Theatre is so grateful to the Simmons family for this gift.  Not only did Ellen and Matt lovingly restore the building, they also supported the theater for ten years, bringing a wide range of cultural and educational programming to this community, " said Dondis. "Now it's the community's turn to step up and support the Strand as we go forward.  To that end we'll be offering a membership program in the spring, as well as pursuing grants and fund raising efforts in order to raise one million dollars to generate enough income to sustain the theater."

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marilyn said...

One of the old movie theaters here has been become a very nice restaurant. Hope the monies are raised to keep yours. Got any snow left? The combination of snow ice snow here means it still takes four wheel drive to get me out. So, I am enjoying time at home.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Yvonne, it sounds like a delightful place to see a film.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

We used to go to the Cabot Cinema, in Beverly, Massachusetts. It was just up the street from our fabulous apartment on the water, over looking Salem. We saw the best films there in a comfortable and old style movie house, with a fabulous concession stand with fresh pastries and tea. You could always find good friends there, and classy clientele. HAPPY DAY YVONNE! Anita

Yvette said...

Oh how I wish we had a theater like this in our town. We did have one for many years showing new films but they closed down and then re-opened just showing rock acts and country/western, comedy that sort of thing. Not to my taste.

I yearn for a theater to show vintage movies. Now THAT would be fabulous.