Friday, July 1, 2011

Company's is a coming

My Daughter is coming up to the coast of Maine. I am doing a happy dance, wish Julie From Australia was coming with her.
Gee whiz, even the Deer's are coming to see her.

Looks like good weather for her trip.
If you haven't been to here blog it's "Renee Finberg tell's all".

Too bad Danny isn't coming up too. They had such a fun time.
This was a few years ago. Time fly's.

Lets hope she has a good seat. LOL

Renee takes on too much.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
I want her to really relax and just have a good time.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beware of greeks bearing gifts

AAn Express Ame American Express can Expressmerican ExpressAmerican cianExpres
sI have had this card a long time and let the points build up for a flight for my Daughter to come to Maine. You all know I beat Cancer and my dog just passed away after 16 years. I really need time with my Child. She is in between jobs and the time is right.

Well it says that my points never expire. Dec. I asked American Express about my Points . They said safe and the other day I called and was told I had 21,000 points.

When I went to purchase a ticket with Jet blue , they said I had only 10,000. Well it also said a one way ticket was 5,000 points , NOW a one way is 10,000 . I worked hard to save these points. They said we changed the card and you lost your points.. In fine print at the bottom the contract says in so many words the above is worthless because we have the right to change this anytime we want.

How would you feel???

No joke the ticket I was offered was at 5Am depart Ft.Lauderdale the flt. time
and lay-overs were unreal. So you are treated like a second class person when and IF
you do get a ticket. After hours back and forth with them for 2 days. I charged my ticket on another card. My Daughter likes Jet Blue and they are in the same terminal as CapeAir that she will take after arriving in Boston. Maybe I'll move to Boston.

I think when you have an agreement,
Amer. Express should stand by it.
I was told over and over not to worry about my points.
I could have used them to NYC last year.

Now I realize the two are in bed with each other and a third party (me) hasn't a chance. They will always come out on top.

Liar liar pants on Fire!!

I got run around and doubletalk.
21,000 in the morning at AMEX, Then Jet blue says 10,000
I was told 5,000 for a one way so I go to book a round trip and now it gets even crazier I am told a one way is 10,000. Enough, I thing they figure you will collapse from the confusion and frustration.

Got her tickets Two seprate ones on another card.

MY dear friends at the corp office at American Express can take their phony contract and Points and shove it where the sun does not shine.

How does the government let the card companys get away with the scams they pull.
Who knows American Express may have their
own government inside washington DC.

I am sure there is alot of free passes in DC.

American Express, many companys would not

accept the card . I quess they have earned a reputation
around the country. It was hard to build up those points.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TheTemplars -Rosslyn-St Clair


Where's my knight
in shining Armour ?

I am so into these stories.
Here is some fascinating information
about the St. Clair Castle
and Rosslyn Chapel

It started out with only Nine Knights.

The land has been owned by St. Clair's from 1162
Only ruins of the Castle left. Built in 1330.

The Castle St. Clair

built by Sir Henry St. Clair 1330.
The Sinclair's, Sanctclaire
or St Clair's owned the land from 1162.

The Chapel has mystical significance,
many enigma's.
Phantom Monks and knights
have been seen countless
times. Also a Black Knight
on horseback , by many motorist's
and locals. The Knight haunts the
St. Clair family today.
Sir Walter Scott wrote about it in "Lay of the last minstrel"
Strange lights at night have been seen in
the Chapel. Besides the howling Hound. WOOOOO!!!!

The night the Scott's army
rested in the
confines of the Chapel ,
the Spirits of the
appeared in the guardroom
causing Panic with the troops
the howling made the soldiers
run into the woods.

Built 1330 They were Normans.
Rosslyn Chapel and Castle are approx. 9 miles
from Edinburgh on the north bank of Esk river.
Castle was in
Sir Walter's poem Rosabelle

The Rosslyn Chapel
has been described
as a "Tapestry in Stone".
It has the most
exquisite carvings
scenes than any other
15 th century
chapel in Europe.

The story about the column is
the master killed
the apprentice,
for doing better work,
and showing him up.

Some of the carvings were of Corn (mase)
which were only found in America.

..This was carved 200 years before Columbus

The Knight 's were founded in 1119.
The first Nine Knights
were all related through Marriage, cousin's, etc.
As the army grew , they hired Criminal's such
as Murderer's, Rapers, Thieves.
They wanted Tough guys.

The Seal of St. Clair and Knight's
aka -Sinclair -Templar at Solomon's Temple.
Rosslyn Chapel is in the Scottish..lowlands.

Brown's book Da Vinci Code it is
the newer church standing now.
The old ruins were more the time
of the Templar's. Around 1200's..
They say Cromwell's troops used
the chapel as a stable in 1650 .

This is the area where in 1119 the Original Chapel
was that the Scottish Templar's were using as a Headquarters. They were Masons so note the wonderful keystones in the old arch. still standing .This is where the battle of Roslyn was with Sir Henry St. Clair. Who built Rosslyn Chapel.

Now, they say the Templars came to Maine. Do you Believe it??

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The yard is in bloom June 12 th

At last some warm weather even though it is still 50 degrees at night.

I thought I'd share my yard with you wonderful Bloggers,
This is also a lighter post, I think.

I have been doing alot of weeding and the yard man can't come till Thursday, we have had rain all week. Enough already!

That white bush is bridal wreath, beautiful in bloom.

Thor fell down the hill.

Rock garden Grape Hyacinth

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