Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Time to remember the way it was.

Golly, I sure remember
this and Texaco hour.
I have Kicked the Habit.

I really miss the lunch bars and soda fountains.

I was Supervisor, we were on the 3rd floor.
The Hotel was on Fire, we were the last ones out.
Everyone cheered. My girlfriend's fellow took us for a drink
and GAVE us all a carton  of Kool cigarettes. Said,"it
keeps weight off and calms you down."

and" I remember Mama"

Liz and Hilton

my favorites were:
Joni James-Why don't you believe me
Teresa Brewer-Music, Music
Rosemary Cloony- Hey There
Doris Day-Secret Love
Patti Page- Harbor Lights
Perry Como- Wanted
LesPaul&Mary Ford-How High the moon
Cordettes MR Sandman
Tommy Edwards, Andy Williams, Dean Martin to name a few. I know you guys
 have never heard of these singers.

Oh! that secretarial school
and shorthand.
I know What's that?
Jobs like switchboard,
and typing are GONE.
You have to keep reinventing
your career. I believe in progress,
but now the new robot with a brain? we can bite the dust.

You won't see this again.

My new life..here it is

with this note I'll sign off..
Have a Wonderful New Year 2015 WOW!

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Fabulous Christmas SURPRIZE!

image descArtisan Macaron

Driving me Crazy , UPS left a beat up box in my door a few days ago.
Looks as though it was dropped by a drone??
 I was so busy looked for a name and just stuck it by the tree.
Well Last night Christmas Eve my Daughter looked for a name also.
When we opened it, peanuts and a beautiful blue box, still no card or name.
It was , OH!! my gosh French Paris Macarons.
Renee said there was not a lable to refridgerate
or FOOD label.
I guess if they were Lobsters you could smell them.

Heaven in every bite:

If you love sweets, look for the round , two-layered,
colored pastries found in shops on your next trip to 
San Francisco or Paris.
They appear almost artificial next to the luscious fruits 
tarts and multi layered cream and chocolate confections
in the shop window. Mine came in a beautiful Blue box.

I just have to know who knew I love these, who knew.
 Then who was it Santa?
Writing to UPS  to find out who sent me this wonderful gift.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you Chef Alex for bringing France to America.
I just found out who sent it on the Christmas calling list.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

A very old dress

Same dress different Royal.

A beautiful couple and 
gorgeous George.
Best looking Prince
I have ever seen.

Queen Elizabeth in her Mamma's Arms
wearing same gown

It goes beyond King George.
 This Christening Gown, is beautiful
and so is Prince George.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles

Diana and Prince William

The original garment 
is over 172 years old 
and has been worn 
by 30 blue-blooded royals including King George VI. 
The dress is now safely in storage and the new version is said
to be an exact replica.  
Wouldn’t you love to see how they have made this new version?

Prince George is beautiful.

As for this group,
the only one I like is the Queen.
Charles doesn't feel like King
material, and his new wife is
no comparison. to Diana
The Queens Husband seems
to be a grump.
This is just the way it looks to me.
I have always loved Queen Elizabeth.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Big Lot Commercial, has hit the Hit Parade.

Have you seen this lady?


She is fantastic.

I hate commercials,
I mean I hate them.
Well this Gal,  Deannna Della Cioppa has such Talent,
I love her.
Music is a big part of Big Lots strategy to reach consumers.
The holiday ad stars NBC's
"America's Got Talent" finalist Deanna DellaCioppa singing a
"big brassy" song. After hearing "Nailing This" 
countless times, Mr. Stein the CEO for Big lots,
said he still finds himself humming along with the spot when
 its on TV in the morning, as he gets ready for work.

You can watch her on  you tube
They really nailed this commercial to the top  of the list

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Santa over the years.

Santa Line-up

From 1980 to the past,
Many faces you can remember.

I remember the Second world war.
no bubble gum because all rubber
went to the war. We had
salvage drives and Victory Gardens.
We had food stamps.
 Any one still alive out there,
 that can remember?

Even at the beginning of
America, Santa
went to see the soldiers.

My Christmas is going to be
the best yet.
I have a new Son in Law.
Here's a photo of my babies.
Merry Christmas Fellow Bloggers.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Enjoy Your family and Friends

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
We really have it easy today,
what a scary trip the Pilgrims made,
only half survived the trip.

  Walter Rauschenbusch
O God, we thank you for this earth, our home;
For the wide sky and the blessed sun,
For the salt sea and the running water,
For the everlasting hills
And the never-resting winds,
For trees and the common grass underfoot.
We thank you for our senses
By which we hear the songs of birds,
And see the splendor of the summer fields,
And taste of the autumn fruits,
And rejoice in the feel of the snow,
And smell the breath of the spring.
Grant us a heart wide open to all this beauty;
And save our souls from being so blind
That we pass unseeing
When even the common thornbush
Is aflame with your glory,
O God our creator,
Who lives and reigns for ever and ever.

I have been to Plymoth rock,
go if you ever are near there.
We had dinner there and
 saw the village

(actress) family How
wonderful, she was surprised.
Saw that on TV today.
Just at Thanksgiving too.
I found this interesting
The Pilgrims had encountered the free-rider problem. 
Under the arrangement of communal property one might
 reasonably suspect that any additional effort might merely
 substitute for the lack of industry of others. And these “others”
 might well be able-bodied, too, but content to take advantage
 of the communal ownership by contributing less than their fair share.
 As we shall see, it is difficult to solve this problem without dividing
 property into individual or family-sized units. 
And this was the course of action that William Bradford wisely took.
 Noblest Triumph: Property and Prosperity through the Ages,
 by Tom Bethell. 

I am making
these, brown sugar or maybe Ginger glazed, Hummmm!

I better get busy and start prep
Tuesday. Clean house Monday
Have a fun Thanksgiving and watch that

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The Real Blogger Status: Don't Just Delete The Spam Comments - Label Them A...

The Real Blogger Status: Don't Just Delete The Spam Comments - Label Them A...: We Posted by Yvonne @ La Petite GalleryComments are welcome
I will Thanks good to know you.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Everyday another problem.

There is trouble brewing at the ports on
 the west coast.
Truckers long shoremen, all asking for
more benifits. Big distruptions.

U.S agriculture shippers yesterday urged President Obama
 to “intervene personally” by bringing in a federal mediators to help
 reach a U.S. West Coast labor contract deal and 
end slowdowns at West Coast ports.
Much congestion, and if they don'y get the products
out there is a fee to pay. More expense. 
Merry Christmas, the cost will go up because of extra shipping charges.
Retailers will now use air cargo .
because of time limits and getting items here for holidays.
 “They both lose in a strike or a lockout, and they know it.”
 As the dockworkers and employers negotiate, about 
120 truck drivers protest.  ...
The drivers claim that the trucking companies have been 
misclassifying them as "independent contractors"
 in order to make it impossible, under federal labor laws,
 to unionize. The companies routinely deduct huge amounts from drivers' 
paychecks for fuel, parking, insurance and other expenses, 
a practice that the drivers say is wage theft. 
After drivers pay for the cost of renting and maintaining their trucks,
 their pay is often below the minimum wage. I am starting to hate watching
 the news. 
 Now meet the press, well I think giving a free pass is
 not good it shows we are weak. That's waving a flag come on over they 
won't do anything. 
About those cheap illegals doing farm work. 
Hey as soon as they are legal they want $20 an hour. and by the way 
Lettuce prices are out of sight now. 
How about all those insurance companies that will make them buy.
 Are they behind this bill? It's a country out of control.  
Think I'll post about TV and movie stars. 
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Who will take the blame?

Seafood icon

Will they pass that pipe line
of Canada?

What is crude oil,
and what is it used for?

Crude oil is pumped from the ground in the Middle East (e.g., 
Saudi Arabian Arab Light),  West Africa (e.g., 
Nigerian Bonny Light),  the Americas,  and Asia (Russia), 
 pumped into ships called tankers,
 and sailed across the ocean to oil 
refineries on the Delaware River.
Refining is the complex series of processes that
manufactures finished Petroleum products out of crude oil.
While refining begins as simple  distillation 
(by heating and separating),
 refiners must use more sophisticated  additional processes
and equipment in order to produce the mix of products that
 the market demands. Generally, 
this latter effort minimizes the production of heavier,
 lower value products (for example, residual fuel oil, 
used to power large
 ocean-going ships) in favor of middle distillates 
(jet fuel, kerosene,  home heating oil and diesel fuel) 
and lighter, higher value products
(liquid petroleum gases (LPG), naphtha, 
and gasoline)
Will this Congress bury us?? How will they vote on this
Who cleans up the spills, Canada or us.??
Will your drinking water be affected?
The Jobs will be over and then what?
Come on what do you think, about
ecology also, gas in the air. Will we all have COPD?
The Fact is, they get rich and it's on the backs
of your GrandChildren.
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Sunday, November 9, 2014

MUTT and JEFF and Uncle Charlie Bowers.

I guess I am the only living
relative of Uncle Charlie.
At one time I had letters he
wrote me with cartoons all over
 the edges.
When he lived in Norwalk Conn.
Charlie used to read me the Funny
 papers. He raised my Dad, and had
 him do some of the Flipping of pages
 in the animated Cartoons.
My Aunt Winnie was so pretty, but had a nervous
breakdown. Anyway that's the story from Mamma.
They had no Children. Winnie and Kate were from
Sligo Ireland. Her Maiden name was Leyden.

 He worked on this
Out of the Inkwell too.
  • 1916-1926: Wrote, produced, and directed 
  • (without on-screen credit) about 300 Mutt and Jeff cartoons 
  • for release by Fox and other companies.

Charley Bowers is one of the most forgotten of the forgotten silent 
comedians. Even prior to his starring career, his work was familiar 
to millions of movie fans,
 though they never saw his name or face on-screen. 
As director of hundreds of Mutt and Jeff animated cartoons from 1916-1926,
Bowers brought cartoonist Bud Fisher's tall-and-short "everyman" characters
to life. But Charley had the itch to perform, and in 1926 he began his 
lifelong  partnership with Harold L. Muller and launched his first series of
 "Whirlwind Comedies" for release by F.B.O. These were among the 
most creative, inventive films seen to that time. They made liberal use
of stop-motion animation, pixillation, amazing sets and props as well as
Bowers' wild imagination.  Bowers cheerfully sacrificed characterization 
for a great gag, and his plots often stopped dead in their tracks in order
 to pull off a bravura piece of animation. "Baffling" and
"mystifying" are two words that one comes across when reading the original
reviews. The only explanation for Bowers' commercial failure in the
face of almost universally rave reviews may be the fact that be was
simply ahead of his time.

Seen today, Bowers comedies still have the
power to knock audiences in the aisles.
Only a few shorts survive (most are in archives, particularly Quebec's) 
and it is well worth the effort to seek out these forgotten gems. In recent years a small coterie 
of silent comedy fans have begun the first
serious efforts to produce a career and biographical picture of Bowers.
The results can be seen below, but much work remains to be done.

From the Tom Stathes collection in New York to our screen, here's another unique and exciting entry in our animation series highlights the work  the Bray Studios, Charles Bowers, Max Fleischer, Eliot Fette Noyes, Barbara Nelsick and many others. Two full reels of animated antics, we bring you over 60 minutes of some of the most subversive cartoons from the silent to sound era. 

Throughout their life, Mutt and Jeff ventured into other mediums, including comic books and film. They even found themselves on the front cover of Famous Funnies #1, printed by DC Comics. With Raoul Barre and Charles Bowers, Fisher produced more than 300 shorts, making Mutt and Jeff the second longest running theatrical animated film series
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Here we go again.

  watching my country
go down the Drain.
The first thing
the Republicans said
we will get rid of the health care.
we will try to work with Obama.
That sounds like the tug
of war games start again.
If you didn't vote,  now we
will suffer the  consequences.

Why does the President and Governor
 have 4 years, 
and the House and Senate have a 
life time. This has to change.
 We voted them in there and
How can we let the Senate and Congress stay there when the work is not done?
They have total controll.
 If they don't get the bills passed they should be FIRED.
Give them the Vaudeville hook.

Sorry Girls, I am just sick of
it all. Now all our Mfg. plants are outsourced, the Coumpter has
taken so many jobs. The Republicians said,
 don't worry about those living in Feces, they don't matter. Well I
heard that on TV.

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