The number of 

multimillionaires in the Capitol, along with the
well-documented rise of income inequality
in recent decades, contribute to the perception 
that politicians are out of touch with average
Americans’ needs.
The GOP candidate for Senator in Georgia, 
former Dollar General CEO David Perdue
by a primary opponent’s campaign manager of 
failing to understand “this is an election, 
not an auction.”  In Kentucky, Senate candidate
 Grimes  criticized Mitch McConnell 
for quadrupling “his net worth on the backs of
Kentuckians that can’t afford it.” Presidential
 candidates face the same hurdles. 
A $160 billion mega merger 
announced Monday would turn U.S. pharmaceutical
 behemoth Pfizer Inc. into an Irish drug company,
using a controversial tactic that allows companies to dodge 
Billions of dollars in corporate taxes by
 renouncing their U.S. citizenship.
Senator Harry Reid ( D) said, 
It's time for Congress to get cleaned up. 
 close the LOOPHOLES . GO HARRY 
Even the Republicans hate him. This Trump is very scary and lies, just do your homework before you vote.