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Castles in Ireland

Lord Mt. Battens Castle, and Ben Bulben mountain in the
This is down the coast road
by my Grand Mothers cottage.
In Sligo Ireland.
West Coast facing America.

for Sligo

Lislary in the region of Connaught 
is located in Ireland - some 
121 mi (or 194 km) North-West of Dublin,
the country's capital.

below is Ben Bulben Mt from Rosses Pt beach

Below is Coney Island you drive there in the ocean.

 Below is what my GrandMother's
 looked like no roof no taxes.
Also it was 1/2 block from ocean and had 3

foot deep rock walls You could sleep in the window sill.
There were huge Cauldron Iron pots
a wonderful fire place, slate floors and wicked tall grass with
edges like razor blades. Lots of rock walls in front of the house.
Inishmurray, County Sligo, Ireland - Abandoned Island; great place for a hidden wizarding home!Hidden Wizards, Dreams Places, County Sligo, Islands Photos, Wikimedia Commons Andrea, Emeralds Isle, Eerie Abandoned, Abandoned Islands, British Isle

Castle Dunluce was originally built in 1500 by the McQuillans,
who came from Scotland in the 1200s as hired mercenaries
and built the castle around 200 years later.                    
McQuillans held the castle for about 55 years before
it was taken by the MacDonnells,
who came over from Islay in 1554. They still own the castle,
but now live in Glenarm.
Dunluce was taken by force from the McQuillans by
Sorley Boy McDonnell after the Battle of Orla in 1565.  
It’s said the McDonnells covered a bog with rushes
and stationed a few men on firm ground, fooling
the McQuillans into charging into the bog. Over
a 100-year period, the castle was besieged on numerous
occasions by the English.

The ruins of Menlo Castle sit on the banks on the River Corrib in Galway.
 The castle was built in this strategically important location 1569 by the Blake ...

The ruins of Killaspugbrone church lie at the most western 
Church was founded in 5th century by St. Patrick.

and relates to the original church which was founded by St Patrick
 in the 5th century. Coolera native Bishop  the 
son of a local GaComments are welcomeTelic chieftain and companion of St Patrick.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Natalie Wood's Autopsy Report Reveals New Clues

 Natalie Wood's  




 New Clues 

Refusal: Robert Wagner (left) has refused requests by detectives to be interviewed as part of a fresh 
investigation into the death of his wife Natalie Wood (right) in 1981

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 I never liked that wagner, in fact if he is on TV I switch channels.
Adored Natalie Woods.

Wood's body was found floating in the water about a mile from the yacht
about 8am on November 29 and the coroner determined that she had died 
of a combination of drowning and hypothermia. 
Her blood alcohol level at the time was 0.14percent - nearly twice the legal
limit for driving. She also had motion sickness medication and painkillers
in her system, which likely increased her level of intoxication.
The time of death is estimated at about midnight at on November 29. 
'The fact that her stomach contained 500 cc of partially digested food 
material supports that opinion of that time of death being around midnight,
especially given the information that dinner was consumed between 8 and 9pm,
according to the new report.
However, Wood was not reported missing until 1.30am - fully 90 minutes after
she went overboard, according to an interview with the manager of the restaurant on shore.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2303569/Did-

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Courtney Wagner, the only daughter

of the late Natalie Wood 
and actor Robert Wagner,
 has been arrested for cocaine and
heroin possession after police responded to a domestic dispute 
at her home that involved gunfire. The 38-year-old former jewelry designer 
who was just 7 years old when her famous mother drowned.

Was it Murder?
did she walk in on the two of them?
and throw up, take a pill to stop
the nausea?

What are your thoughts?

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Antibiotic-resistant infections
are linked to at least 2 million
illnesses- could this be driving
the antibiotic-resistance problem.
With Chickens in your Market? 

I am not buying chicken,
getting turned off.


If this doesn't beat it all ...
A Defense Department audit has found that a number
of Pentagon employees 
used their government credit cards 
to gamble and pay for “adult entertainment”
— findings that are expected to lead department officials 
to issue stern new warnings.!!!!!!!!!

WARNINGS HELL- Fire them and don't give them the cards.
 Irresponsible people working at the pentagon and White House. 
What a joke, the blind leading the blind.
Draw another cartoon of DC. 

This is something to think about.

9/11 The Flying Pentagon Circus


There is a point here,
 Food for thought.

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Russian Samovar # 150

Russian Samovar # 150
Russian Samovar # 150

sheep heading home #151

sheep heading home #151
sold to Renee

Liberty Belle Farm #152

Liberty Belle Farm #152
my old farm for sale

My Thor #153

My Thor #153
Thor at Christmas

Winston # 154

Winston   # 154
Bull dog blue ribbon

Penobscot Indians camp # 155

Penobscot Indians camp # 155
Penobscot camp Maine

After the ball # 156

After the ball # 156
oil in board framed for sale

Belted Galloway # 157

Belted Galloway    # 157

autumn in Maine # 158

autumn in Maine # 158
Autumn in Maine

October # 159

October  # 159
Spruce head , in october

Maple Syrup #160 sold

Maple Syrup  #160 sold
Party in Maine- sold

Ravens sold #161

Ravens   sold  #161
Ravens are here

Some headache # 162

Some headache # 162
Why Me?

Cassa Blanca's sold #163

Cassa Blanca's sold #163
cassa blanca's sold Schupack

Albatross # 164

Albatross # 164

Southern Magnolia # 165

Harrington Cove # 166

Harrington Cove #  166
Harrington Cove

The Endeavor # 167 #167

The Endeavor # 167                           #167
The Endeavor On harrington cove

Russian Cossacks #168

Russian Cossacks  #168
Cossacks Three

Fishing boats # 169

Fishing boats # 169
2nd Prize Winner - Lobster Festival Art Show - Rockland Maine - Summer 2008

Three Guy's in a Dory # 170

Three Guy's in a Dory # 170
Three guys in a Dory

The Babe # 171

The Babe # 171
Babe 16x20