Thursday, December 18, 2014

A very old dress

Same dress different Royal.

A beautiful couple and 
gorgeous George.
Best looking Prince
I have ever seen.

Queen Elizabeth in her Mamma's Arms
wearing same gown

It goes beyond King George.
 This Christening Gown, is beautiful
and so is Prince George.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles

Diana and Prince William

The original garment 
is over 172 years old 
and has been worn 
by 30 blue-blooded royals including King George VI. 
The dress is now safely in storage and the new version is said
to be an exact replica.  
Wouldn’t you love to see how they have made this new version?

Prince George is beautiful.

As for this group,
the only one I like is the Queen.
Charles doesn't feel like King
material, and his new wife is
no comparison. to Diana
The Queens Husband seems
to be a grump.
This is just the way it looks to me.
I have always loved Queen Elizabeth.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Oh Marie, Oh Marie

A little history....

of sixteen (became) a Queen
of King Louis XVl

Pretty little Lady..
MARIE had four children two died of
tuberculosis.  Of the two children left, a boy
died in Prison at the hands of
Robespierre. If you are ever called Robespierre
it is not a complement!
The ten year old Charles (The Dauphin)
last cries were for his Mother.
The Doctor Pellelan cut his heart out and kept
it on his Mantel. SOME DOCTOR!!!! It gets worse.
Here is a lady who lost her head over a necklace.
Portrait by Joseph Ducreux

This is the house built for Marie.
 She would not leave her children.
*******************Marie Antoinette ....
The Last French Queen
History has it that Captain Stephen
Clough (or Capt. Nathan Cloud) owned a sloop called The Sally
That was his daughter’s name. 
The Sally was impounded by the French.
 He was trying to rescue her (Marie)
 and had built a house for her in Wiscasset, Maine.
The ship was loaded with her cats and possessions. 
Marie would not go and leave her son at that time other than
Boston. Wiscasset was the hub of 19'th century trade. 
This is a Maine Coon Cat

This is the
cat like
Marie had.

Also the Persian cat below. I think they are pretty,
but I am more into dogs.

was a result from the beautiful Persian
 and Angora cats off the ship.
The house was moved to Edgecombe, Maine.
 It still stands today. This is the explanation why
so many RARE antiques have been found in Maine over generations. 

The only one to survive the Reign of Terror, was the daughter
Therese. She was released and sent to Vienna after years of
imprisonment. She was then Madame la Dauphine married
and died of pneumonia 1851 on the fifty eighth year anniversary 
of her mother’s execution.
Most (of) the images were from the encyclopedia and
Maine Historical society  

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Big Lot Commercial, has hit the Hit Parade.

Have you seen this lady?


She is fantastic.

I hate commercials,
I mean I hate them.
Well this Gal,  Deannna Della Cioppa has such Talent,
I love her.
Music is a big part of Big Lots strategy to reach consumers.
The holiday ad stars NBC's
"America's Got Talent" finalist Deanna DellaCioppa singing a
"big brassy" song. After hearing "Nailing This" 
countless times, Mr. Stein the CEO for Big lots,
said he still finds himself humming along with the spot when
 its on TV in the morning, as he gets ready for work.

You can watch her on  you tube
They really nailed this commercial to the top  of the list

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