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Family dinner Cost $ 56.00 for a Raw Brisket

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Something is wrong here.
If you like meat CHECK
out the local Grocery prices.

From 2006 the prices have
escalated 20% or more,
not your income.
All because a few companies
 control the price.
The Govt. is letting them
Price fix the Meat.

Read Christoper Leonard
The Secret takeover of America's
Food Business.
Hello Wake up and Fight this.   
4 Companies produce 85% of all Beef
in the USA
Tyson foods--(TSN) chicken
JBSAY --Cargill,Smithfield pork
MARKET POWER--They depress the price of buying from farmers.
They INCREASE the price to YOU the average Joe.
Here's something to know, I used to buy wholesale from Swift.
Swift & Company is an American food processing company
a wholly owned subsidiary of JBS S.A.
(BM&F Bovespa:JBSS3), a Brazilian company that is the world's largest
processor of fresh beef and pork, with more than 
"Big Four" meatpackers - Tyson Foods, JBS, Cargill 
and National Beef - who together slaughter about
 80 percent of U.S. beef. US $40 billion in annual sales as of 2012.
That's from American households. It is also the largest beef processor 
in AustraliaSpeaking Of Australia look at the price of Lamb.
 PS; do not buy Foster farms chicken Watch Frontline ( all about Chicken)
The food inspectors just don't care. They are like a lot of people,
just want the pay check. They don't care either. It's been going on forever,
 slide that money under the table.

 It's a  meat price fixing cartel.  Congress, help American families.

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AH, Beef Jerky being cured.
Let's cure the Meat Prices.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Guess who live's in Maine

The listing of famous Maine People.
 From born in Maine Celebrities
to just People that live here and are famous. 

Linda Lavin Born in Portland, Maine, Linda is a stage and screen actress.
She appeared in the TV show “Barney Miller” before she became
 Alice Hyatt for the hit show “Alice.” which ran from 1976 to 1985.
 She has received four Emmy Awards, and a Tony.
John Ford 1894 -1973 Born in Cape Elizabeth, John Ford is the six time  academy award winning director of Amercian film classics such as:
“The Grapes of Wrath”, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”,
“Stagecoach” and many others.

 Stephen King Born in Portland, Maine and now residing in Bangor, King is the prolific author of horror and suspense novels. 
Some of his most well-known work includes “Carrie”, “The Stand”, “Shawshank Redemption”, 

Don McLean  Don sang several hits including Vincent
(Starry Starry Night), Castles In The Air, and his most popular
 song AMerican Pie.
Noel Paul Stookey 1937 – Present Best known as “Paul” in the group
Peter, Paul and Mary. Lived in Maine while raising his three daughters Liz, 
Anna and Kate. He and his wife decided to move back to Blue Hill in 2005.
 Kirstie Alley 
Famous actress but more recently known for her outstanding
performance on Dancing With The Stars. Kristie also worked with
Jenny Craig. Kristie has a home in Islesboro, an island in Maine’s Penobscot Bay.

John Travolta Best known for his singing and dancing in the movie Grease
 –the actor has gone on to star in many movies. John owns several houses. One of them is in Islesboro, an island in Maine’s Penobscot Bay.

Image result for skylands estate martha stewart
Martha's Skyland estate
Martha Stewart 
Known for her daily television show,
The Martha Stewart Show,Martha Stewart Living magazine,
and online flower store. Martha owns
a lakefront home in Bar Harbor Maine and enjoys visiting
 it throughout the year.
Howard “Howie” Carr, Jr. 1952 – Present
Born in Portland, Maine Howie Carr is an American journalist,
 author, and conservative radio talk-show host based out of Boston,
Massachusetts. Carr was a columnist for the Boston Herald
 and has also written a best-selling book, The Brothers Bulger.
 E.B. White 1899 – 1985Most well known for Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little,
the noted American writer E.B. White spent much of his post-New York
adult life in Brooklin, Maine where he died at the age of 86 in 1985.
Other books by White include The Trumpet of the Swan and 
The Elements of Style. White was a long-time contributor to 
The New Yorker and won a Pulitzer Prize for his work.
Pussy Galore and her husband own the second largest summer house on
the island of Islesboro, which is in Penobscot Bay midway down the Maine coast
The largest used to belong to Kirstie Alley, who acted in the TV show “Cheers” 
and, incidentally, produced so much household waste at her Islesboro place that
 her staff kept 14 garbage cans queued up by the back door, 
which seemed to say a lot about wealth -- a subject that held great fascination for
me at the time of my first visit to Islesboro more than 30 years ago.
Alley was married to her second husband, Parker Stevenson 
(Richard Stevenson Parker, Jr.) on December 22, 1983. 
They divorced in 1997. Alley and Stevenson share custody of their two children,
 William True and Lillie Price.
Also Rogers and Hart  They had homes here to and the Actor 
Robert Powell. There are so many Famous people from here
 and living here.

Don't forget the Rockefellers

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

we've come a long way in tubs

Because of my
I like the idea of not
 breaking my neck
 to climb into a tub.

Just what I need.

This is just a
drop dead Bath
not bad, still you have
to climb in. Just elegante. 
I could live with it.

This is so beautiful,
 but not for me. Look's
like it belongs in the Malachite
 room in the Hermitage
 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

This is a great look.

This is

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Abe #149

Abe  #149
Took it's toll

Russian Samovar # 150

Russian Samovar # 150
Russian Samovar # 150

sheep heading home #151

sheep heading home #151
sold to Dan and Liz Finberg

Liberty Belle Farm #152

Liberty Belle Farm #152
my old farm for sale

My Thor #153

My Thor #153
Thor at Christmas

Winston # 154

Winston   # 154
Bull dog blue ribbon

Penobscot Indians camp # 155

Penobscot Indians camp # 155
Penobscot camp Maine

After the ball # 156

After the ball # 156
oil in board framed for sale

Belted Galloway # 157

Belted Galloway    # 157

autumn in Maine # 158

autumn in Maine # 158
Autumn in Maine

October # 159

October  # 159
Spruce head , in october

Maple Syrup #160 sold

Maple Syrup  #160 sold
Party in Maine- sold

Ravens sold #161

Ravens   sold  #161
Ravens are here

Some headache # 162

Some headache # 162
Why Me?

Cassa Blanca's sold #163

Cassa Blanca's sold #163
cassa blanca's sold Schupack

Albatross # 164

Albatross # 164

Southern Magnolia # 165

Harrington Cove # 166

Harrington Cove #  166
Harrington Cove

The Endeavor # 167 #167

The Endeavor # 167                           #167
The Endeavor On harrington cove

Russian Cossacks #168

Russian Cossacks  #168
Cossacks Three

Fishing boats # 169

Fishing boats # 169
2nd Prize Winner - Lobster Festival Art Show - Rockland Maine - Summer 2008

Three Guy's in a Dory # 170

Three Guy's in a Dory # 170
Three guys in a Dory

The Babe # 171

The Babe # 171
Babe 16x20