Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ghost town?

Could this happen 
to your Town?

Remember The Music Man 
I was just singing this
and the news came on.
Said it was a gosht town.

Gary, Indiana, Gary,
 Indiana, Gary, Indiana,
That's the town that
 "knew me when."
If you'd like to have a logical
 explanation How I happened 
on this elegant syncopation,
I will say without a moment of hesitation
There is just one place
That can light my face.
Gary, Indiana

After this image who could sing.
This building is beautiful, so sad. What happened?
Over building areas where developments where municipal
services have left. There is not much buying activity.
The banks made money on the loans to contractors and
they over built.   CRASH!!!
In California the BANKS instead of paying taxes on three
$300,000 new dwellings just bulldozed them, while neighbors
watched in horror.

Victorville, CA

Take a look at Fort Meyers Fl. a 32 story Condo building is empty,
 except for one family. The only lights at night is his.
A heated pool and no one uses it.

Fort Myers Condos, FL

Old village in Maine
Perkins township

Some of the buildings date to the 1750s. The district was added to the 
National Register of Historic Places in 1995.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Maine building contractors

It's laws are like 1950 in Houston Texas.

I had a carport added. Here in Maine.
This guy seemed nice  he said he had a licence.
Yeah! put you hand
on a rock and say" I ARE A Contractor."
He did nothing I asked. Beware of the Mainers.
Then came to my door and asked me for an other
 $3000.00 more. I went right to a lawyer.
Below are warnings
I had no electric or plumbing.

General building contractors do not need a license in Maine. 
You'll need to be licensed to do asbestos abatement work,
 or electrical or plumbing contracting.
maglass.gif (1144 bytes)To find out if an electrical contractor is licensed,
call (207) 624-8610. To find out if a plumbing contractor is licensed
 call (207) 624-8627. Office hours are from 7 A.M. to 4 P.M.
 Monday through Friday. 
You can also search for licensed plumbers or electricians online
  • he works at Home Depot in Rockland. 
  • If they only knew what a butcher and extortion racket he has.
The roof shingles were not even cut on the edges,
The Windows are wrong. The sky lite is wrong.
It is 18 ft long and has no support in the middle.
The roof was supposed to be a hipped roof it is
half and half. He cut support rafters on roof for storage.
The new siding is falling off and the facial boards
under roof were not nailed and falling off.
He put a wrong window in and it is crooked.
It will not open.
I did this last October, and he said in September it
would take 2-3 weeks. He also said that the 3 men
were Ex - Cons. He said the old man was in for murder
and he thought he didn't do it. Is that trying to
intimidate a 78 year old??

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall on Maine Coast

Damariscotta a beautiful
village and so beautiful this time of year

This is the time
of year for train rides
and driving, it is
fantastic color.

They are off,
will they make it?

you have to have guts to row
this piggy.

I saw these for sale
last night.

The Pumpkin Carving is Great, so clever.

lots of work
It's fun to watch the Artist's

cute Pug

I missed getting a shot of a huge Tea pot pumpkin.

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