Thursday, January 7, 2010


I won an Award !!!!

I Can't Believe It. ************THE KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD***

THIS IS SUZIE of MILL HOUSE isn't she pretty?

Well, First off I want to thank you Suzie for nominating me for this award.
I love to visit your beautiful Blog MILL HOUSE . I am excited to be on your list.

Hope I do this right. List 7 things about me and 7 more blogs I love.

#1 My age is 73 and I am sailing along with this new blogging. Started it in November, thanks to My Daughter Renee. I am finding so many talented and
interesting people .

#2 Because of this blogging I am not Painting. About seventy eight percent
of the time I am busy and happy. I do have as Winston Churchill said,
(black dog days).Then I drive around this coastline and play
Benny Goodman Music and I am UP again..

#3 I have in the past been an Interior Designer, including Hotels, houses, restaurants and yachts .Also designed wall paper for an airline. LOGO.

#4 My husband and I were the first After Hours club in Houston Texas across from Shamrock Hilton .
Where I met so many entertainer's, Kenny Rogers the singer worked at the club. Wish Renee could
get a decorating job out of him.

#5 I owned and operated a Summer resort in Saluda, North Carolina for 7 years. Worked at the Eden Rock Hotel, first woman to ever work in Kitchen.
That winter I learned a lot about food.I was the Garnisher,decorator,of
embellished food. Forgot how to spell it in french.
The Chef let me work the line at a big banquet, they were so fast, like
lighting. In april back to the Hotel and Restaurant in Saluda. Close in October, back to Miami Beach.

#6 For two years I tried an Antique shop, had to close it just not enough business.
Another failure. What Next?

#7 Had my Mother with Alzheimer's for ten years, I put her at a Catholic Day care,
and ended up Painting a full Mural on the front of the ugly building , I Got an award and Sun poisoning.
Worked as a florist during this time I was happy but was allergic to Astromerias
and and chemicals.
Now I live in Maine and Paint and blog. Out of everything I loved the flowers. Too bad that didn't pan out. I was at the doctor's every day off.

Here are 7 blogs I love:::But there are so many more I love.

1 Renee Finberg's adventures in Design
2 Tootsie Time
3 Life at willow manor
4 Down East Dilettante
5 Dumwit Tellher
6 Anchovie
7 visual vamp

Posted by Yvonne Rosenfield @ la Petite gallery
Comments are welcome


Visual Vamp said...

Thanks for telling us so much about yourself.
And thanks for the shout out!
I've added your blog to my blog list.
xo xo

Renee Finberg said...

you go girl !!!!

oh yes....
and thank you very much for the nomination.


Vicki said...

Hi, Yvonne,
Congratulations on your well deserved award!! I also enjoyed learning so many interesting things about you! You have lived a very busy and fun filled life! Have a beautiful weekend, sweet friend! Vicki

willow said...

Congratulations!! And thank you so much for including me on your list, Yvonne! I am so very honored and flattered, dear friend. xx

Barbara said...

Congratulations. Enjoyed reading your list. You have certainly had some challenges in your life.

Not so much painting since blogging!! The story of my life. Still it is enjoyable and worth it.
Did not relealise that we were of a similar generation Yvonne.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Yvonne - you are so incredibly sweet. What a smart cookie you are and you've had so many fabulous experiences and occupations. I admire you. The after hr. club in Houston sounds fascinating. I saw a piece on the Shamrock a few months ago & it's history is tremendous. I cannot believe you are 73!! I couldn't get my mother or mother-in-law to even say the word "computer". Thank you so much for the award, I am greatly appreciative. xoxo deb

annechovie said...

Now I know where your beautiful daughter gets her spunk from! Thanks so much for the award, Yvonne! I will respond this next week on my blog. stay warm! xx

Maya said...
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Maya said...

Congrats Yvonne! A view of the coastline always does the trick for me. It's the expansiveness I think, it just opens the mind and heart.

ParisBreakfasts said...

Bravo for blogging and the award!

Gigi said...

Congratulations on the award, and thanks so much for telling us about your life. You are a true renaissance woman with many gifts and talents, Yvonne!

Thanks, too, for your comment on my comfort post. I agree with you about helping a friend. Few things bring as much happiness to one's life. Oh, and I cuddle up with my cats for comfort, much like you with your dog!

All best to you,

Jeanne said...

Hi Yvonne
I found you thru Susie at Mill House and yes she is a very pretty girl and a special one too! Very interested to read your blog. I look forward to following it too!
Jeanne :)

Millie said...

Oh Yvonne, what a dunce I am! I've only just realised you are Renee's Mum, not sure how I've missed that up to now. What a wonderful list you have here - a life full of adventure, risk, kindness & fun. I am very envious, I often wander how different my life would have been if I'd been brave enough to take more risks.
Millie ^_^

Tootsie said...

I love learning about you! sorry it took me so long to get here...I just don't seem to have time in a day anymore!
thank you so much for thinking of me and I will get it posted as soon as I have a minute! please be patient! lol

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