Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elegance has left the building.

Boston lost a Diamond in History.
I will never forget my first visit to LOCKE-OBERS
On the first floor to the right was the Famous Mens Club.

It was like stepping into 1900 elegance,
gone from the 1970's. At least I was
Lucky enough to have been to  the
Twenty One club and Delmonico's and
Fabulous Locke-Obers. I feel sorry
for the people who will never have the
chance, as Locke-Obers closed Dec 7, 2012
How ironic Pearl Harbor Day. I just
want to know what happened to the painting"Yvonne",
was she sold at the Auction???

Painting known as Yvonne (said to be the name of the model),
this entrance way painting became the restaurant's mascot.
Traditionally, when Harvard loses to Yale, Yvonne's upper
torso was covered.
The only other time the mural has been draped was when the
New York Yacht Club lost the America's Cup.
As was the case with many exclusive restaurants,
women were generally excluded from dining at Locke-Ober's
until as late as 1970. That's when I went with a friend from "King
International Studios in Calif."
 He explained all the wonderful History of this amazing
 and famous Restaurant
In the old days women patrons were only allowed
on the second floor's private dining areas,
or on the first floor if Harvard won a home game against Yale.

The sign alone sends you back in time.
Inside it was furnished with increasingly luxurious imported
materials typical of the Gilded Age with Honduran mahogany,
French furniture, Italian and French sculpture and paintings,
English silver and Bohemian crystal lighting.

By 1875, Ober had acquired ownership and applied to
the city for expansion of the restaurant to 3-4 Winter Place.
Financing was provided by Eben Jordan,
a co-founder of the Jordan Marsh  Company. Remember
Jordan Marsh Dept. Stores????



Frank Locke and Louis Ober were competitors.
 Locke opened a  wine room next to
Ober's fashionable restaurant in 1892.
Diners began a tradition of drinking at Locke's
before dining at Ober's.
JFK's favorite lobster stew and Indian pudding—
served in what is one of the most beautiful dining
rooms in America. The bar—with its painting
of Madame Yvonne—is gorgeous as well.
Established in 1875, this place let you feel what it
would be like to dine out in the late 19th century.
3 Winter Place
Next they will tear down the North Church,
Why ??? They fall victim to Changing times
The Buck $$$ has replaced Grace and Elegance.
There will be nothing left of our past.
Sorry to say it's a throw away world.

Posted by Yvonne @ La Petite Gallery
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Thistle Cove Farm said...

You and I are in agreement, Yvonne. It is a throw-away world and it sickens me. That's why this old farmhouse is stuff to the rafters with old, well loved and used furnishings. I can't bear to throw stuff away.

Renée Finberg said...


i would love to own that street sign
and hang it on my wall.

i wish i have experienced it as you did.


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Oh this is so sad :( It truly is a treasure and will be missed! I also felt sad when Cafe Des Artistes closed a couple years ago. The most elegant restaurants seems to be fading away!

PS: Thank you for you best wishes on the birth of our first granddaughter, Yvonne! She is the apple of our eye!

Ima Weed said...

A Grand establishment and I wish I could have a meal there. Yes, I remember your Thor and he was wonderful and beautiful.

westernreservebutlerspantry said...

That's just sad. All our traditions and history is being thrown into dumpsters.

DUTA said...

I totally agree with your concluding sentence.
It seems all the world can expect now is fall of meteorites upon it.

Nella said...

Hate to see beautiful landmarks destroyed also....fascinating tale Yvonne! How lucky for you to have experienced this place! Thank you for sharing, N.xo

Yvette said...

I hate when this sort of thing happens as well, Yvonne. (Coincidence of names. Ha.)

Unless a building is designated as a landmark, it's bye-bye, see ya' when real estate developers start nosing around.

It's disgusting.

Forget about elegance. Nobody knows what it is anymore. Except those of us of a certain age...

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

It is such a fantastic building, how can that be? So much history, workmanship, and grandeur in that building.

Sorry for the delay in visiting, Yvonne..things have not yet improved and duties kept piling up :-)

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