Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Childhood Memories of Houston

Houston in 1950's

Good Memories of Houston and My Childhood.
After school I would go to the Hat shop and try on every new designer hat Mom had. Then parade up and down the street and into the Lamar drug store where my girlfriend Barbara Clark had a job after school as a soda jerk. I had a crush on the Bell Hop, Mom was upset about that.

The fantastic
1950's Houston

This was Lowe's, My Mom and I

saw Gone with the wind here.
Jesse Jones, a millionaire who owned
the Houston Chronicle paid 2 million
to build the Lowe's Theater.

In the 40's these three theaters were hopping.
Well dress people attended the shows.

There were other theaters, farther down town .
The Ritz, The uptown The Iris and the Texan
They were owned by Horwitz. My Dad helped
him set up the A/C and engine rooms under ground.
There was a tunnel going under the Street from one
movie to the others. There was a penny arcade down
there a restaurant and a German Ratskeller.
I used to see all the movies free.
Had to sit next to usher and near an exit
in case of fire. Dad's orders,
you didn't question why.


Invented in 1900's This was the precursor to the fax machine
My Dad came to Houston in the 1930's to install
the Telautograph Machines in the Rice Hotel.
You could sign an OK for an order.

I remember it had a writing Slate,
like a small TV screen and your
writing and signiture was written
on that screen.
They started using them when
they had fires. Remember the NYC
garment district dress factories.
They could notify wher the fire was,
from floors.

I guess they are all gone or torn down now.

Looking back at Houston city planers,
sometimes the fast lane
is not the right lane.
It's a throw away world.

I danced my legs off in this place saw Fats and Chuck Berry every thing was up close and personal.

Now the kids sit at a computer.
Frankly I had more fun.
I remember the worn out ballerina shoes
and blisters , but some trophy's anyway.

In my day a teenager was always at the Princes Drive Inn.
Every one there from school most evenings.
The Hamburger was great,But Stuarts had the fries

Now I remember it was a ONESAMEAL
next to the river oaks movie. Everyone I knew was always in there.

My Husband had the Show Biz Supper club across the Street from the Shamrock Hotel, Glenn Mc Carthy owned it. He was known as King of the wildcatters

We had entertainers come in that did a show at the Shamrock
like Tony Bennett,Andy Williams. Liberace
and too many to name. They all wanted to sing and Liberace
played for the club, we were packed. Kenny Rogers was on the stand up base . He worked with the Bobbie Doyle Trio, Kirby Stone came in and stole Kenny , the rest is history.. Bootlegging was going on in those days. You couldn't buy a drink after 10pm
The Liquor stores closed at 10. NOW, if you had the bottle and bought it before 10 you could drink it.. Nuts..

My Husband opened the first Donut shop in Houston.
Those were growing days for Houston.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

sick of TV commercials?


The cable companies get paid by us and the Networks get billions of advertising dollars.

It is 15 minutes of show and 15 minutes of ads.
I can shampoo my hair while the ads are on.

Start the Year off right cancel
your cable, make them drop the price it used to be FREE


Then they have the ExtenZe commercial.
we all know his problem.
That is a problem
between his Doctor and him.
Not at my dinner table please. .
A private matter,
it does not
concern me a paying customer.

They just care about $$$$$$ not the customers.

I wonder if we all cancelled the cable co
what they would do ??? DROP THE PRICE.

What do people with attention deficit do?
I went to school for commercial advertising.
This commercial is the best I have seen in years.

I love it.The Russian kissing the mini giraffe was Danica Patrick GOOD WORK.

PITIFULL so dumb

I kid you not the Brillo is now in lemon too.

They have stop selling rust free. Because they last too long.

Have you ever gone into a restaurant that the menu goes on forever?
I have and I got so confused, I did not order anything, just a salad.
Cruise ships turn me off with all that food piled high I lose my appetite.
I like a small piece of toast with Beluga Caviar, chopped eggs and onions .

It made me so angry, they were stuffed with garlic,cheese,peppers on an on.
I just wanted large plain green olives
there was no room I guess. I like to tell
Hannifords store where to stuff those olives.

Now who do you think the advertising of vodka is aiming for?
That's right the KIDS . They don't care about you AMERICANS
they have no feelings for Humanity. JUST $$$$$

Posted by Yvonne @ La Petite Gallery
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