Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thank You Renae Moore Designs

I was
awarded by Renae
Moore Interiors
This sweet award.

Thank you
I am suppose to send this to other
Blogger's that I think deserve it.

So go to the end of Post.

go to this link http://http//

to see Renae's work a truly great designer my Daughter

also a designer loves her and her work.

Follow these instructions :::::::

# 1 why do I blog.
Blogging keeps me in touch with design and style, I like seeing other Artist's work. They inspire me.

#2 Name--- Three Best memories
1- Holidays with my parents, especially Christmas.
2-When my Daughter was born.
3-The Day I was Cancer free

#3 Name --- Four of the best fiction books you ever read.

1- Bridges of Madison County, by Robert Waller

2- Of Mice and Men, by Steinbeck

3- Madame Bovary, by Gustave Flaubert

4- 39 Steps, by Buchan

5-The Great Gatsby, by Scott Fitzgerald.

I also I want to read this, it's a note on the refrigerator now for a month "Tristram Shandy"

#4 name 5 best movies ever made.
1- Yankee doodle Dandy- Cagney
2- Mrs Miniver- Walter Pigeon and Greer Garson maybe I have watched this 100 times and will tomorrow.
3- Singing in the rain
4- Schindlers List
5- Casablanca
But I loved the Enchanted Cottage

#6 If you could change your name what would it be.


#7 Tell us a unique fact about yourself.
Ah shucks!!!, I am one of a kind that's all. No two people are alike.
I did a lot of jobs and had several business lets say I wore a lot of hats..

#8 What do you like best about yourself.
My tenacity

#9 If you had a freaky Friday experience who would you change places with.
Forgive me but I don't know what a Freaky Friday is. Changing places would't help.

I think my whole life had freaky days.

#10 W hat's the best thing about being a woman.
I get to wear panty Hose???

At 73 I guess the fact I gave Birth to a Daughter.

I wasn't elected President . Not to say we don't need

a woman President in the United States. Come on Hillary!!!

Now to name a few super Commentor's I hand the Septor over to::::::::::::

Julie @ Being Ruby

Marsha @ Splendora

Jackie @ Home

I hope you won't hate me for this .

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gossip What and Who in 2011

Doris has changed her name to Kiddlehopper an has become a recluse like me
Lives in Carmel Ca. on a fortress like ranch and has started the Doris Day Animal rescue and home..That's what I should do, some dogs are nicer than people.

Betty White a golden girl is 86 years
old and is named Entertainer
of the year Hooray!

I just love Lansbury, she dresses so smart just look at her pearls.

She is wonderful. Word is out she is in Doppers Penquins scheuled for Aug. 2011

Sad news for Zsa zsa Jan 14
she went into the hosp.

That's right it's Peter O Toole still alive and kicking.
He is such a great Actor.

Looking great Sophie..
Sophia Lauren Jan 2011 another grandchild from Daughter Alexander TVstar

Congratulations Mike for gettin over the Cancer, and Kirk Thanks for the new book I heard you are getting out.

Posted by Yvonne @ La Petite Gallery
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

About Superstitions and birds Jan. 16, 2011

Birds and Superstitions

My Oil on canvas of Albatross
is open for bidding..

In China Bats are a good Omen, For a long time they have had a connection with witches. They were written about by Poet Virgil and he established the
lot by identifying them as winged monsters.
I had a Bat in a jar for sience class as a kid and they smell awfull.
My Mama was freaking out.

The old saying is as long as the RAVINS
nest on London Tower England will never FALL

Also about Ravins ;;Circling Ravins predict
a message from a far. Another saying is they
hang around a house if an person
is very ill, to steal their soul.

They got mine 8 years ago I guess,
They are all over here and I feed them.
In fact they know me and are watching
to see me through bread to them.
Here within a second.

Ravens are Beautiful black and blue, They croak alot

they are pretty noisy birds.

It also says if the Robin stays close to your house it will be a harsh winter, WELL yesterday they were in the tree close to my house and the Hospital windows too.

Now about Owls, it is said the hoot of an owl means a witch is approaching.

Also in England they had a saying that owls
and witches could become one
or the other,

The Supersition on this Eurasian Eagle Owl

Romans believed that a sneeze would release your soul, That's why we say "God Bless you."

Oh Oh! my right palm is itchy ,, Must be going to get some money..

Now I don't walk under a ladder, Why take the chance.
Owls are Predators.


The Albatross wing span is up to eleven feet long.
Weight about 22 pounds and can drink salt water.
They are carnivore. Live on schools of fish and squid.
That's why they follow the ships. Hoping for food.
They mate forever. Can live to Fifty years old.
Most Sailors think they are lucky.

Should you shoot
or kill one you. You will be cursed and doomed.
I will hate you and hit you
in the head or eyes and spit on you.
I love these birds. More about albatross
Pirates use to sell them. People would
kill them for the feathers. Eskimo's ate them.

Maybe only on Thanksgiving. Just kidding.
Bless these Beautiful gifts from GOD.

That is why I painted this Albatross.
It is for sale if anyone is interested, oil on canvas.
Adieu, God Bless
Posted by La Petite Gallery
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Masquerade #88

Masquerade #88

Winter Deers in Maine # 89

Winter Deers in Maine # 89

Nun in St. Augustine #90

Nun in St. Augustine #90

Abe # 91

Abe # 91

Teddy Roosevelt # 92

Teddy Roosevelt # 92
unfinished still working

FDR # 93

FDR  # 93
Franklyn D. Roosevelt

Duke Himself # 94

Duke Himself  # 94

Yorkie # 95

Yorkie # 95

Poodle dog # 96

Poodle dog # 96

Boxer #97

Boxer  #97

Boston Terrior #98

Boston Terrior #98

what's Cooking? # 99

what's Cooking?    # 99

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Cocker # 100

Mr. Hobo # 101

Mr. Hobo # 101

Mr. Pug # 102

Mr. Pug # 102

Where are You? # 103

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West Point # 105

West Point  # 105

General Eisenhower #106

General Eisenhower #106

Rockland Strand #104

Rockland Strand #104

General Geo. Patton # 107

General Geo. Patton # 107
WW 11

Gen.l Douglas Mac Arthur# 108

Gen.l Douglas Mac Arthur# 108

Abe #149

Abe  #149
Took it's toll

Russian Samovar # 150

Russian Samovar # 150
Russian Samovar # 150

sheep heading home #151

sheep heading home #151
sold to Dan and Liz Finberg

Liberty Belle Farm #152

Liberty Belle Farm #152
my old farm for sale

My Thor #153

My Thor #153
Thor at Christmas

Winston # 154

Winston   # 154
Bull dog blue ribbon

Penobscot Indians camp # 155

Penobscot Indians camp # 155
Penobscot camp Maine

After the ball # 156

After the ball # 156
oil in board framed for sale

Belted Galloway # 157

Belted Galloway    # 157

autumn in Maine # 158

autumn in Maine # 158
Autumn in Maine

October # 159

October  # 159
Spruce head , in october

Maple Syrup #160 sold

Maple Syrup  #160 sold
Party in Maine- sold

Ravens sold #161

Ravens   sold  #161
Ravens are here

Some headache # 162

Some headache # 162
Why Me? Sold June 2016

Cassa Blanca's sold #163

Cassa Blanca's sold #163
cassa blanca's sold Schupack

Albatross # 164

Albatross # 164

Southern Magnolia # 165

Harrington Cove # 166

Harrington Cove #  166
Harrington Cove

The Endeavor # 167 #167

The Endeavor # 167                           #167
The Endeavor On harrington cove

Russian Cossacks #168

Russian Cossacks  #168
Cossacks Three

Fishing boats # 169

Fishing boats # 169
2nd Prize Winner - Lobster Festival Art Show - Rockland Maine - Summer 2008

Three Guy's in a Dory # 170

Three Guy's in a Dory # 170
Three guys in a Dory

The Babe # 171

The Babe # 171
Babe 16x20