Friday, May 6, 2011

And the winner is

2011 Derby Winner


The Winner For 2011
Run for the Roses is ::
Animal Kingdom
Then Nehro- Second Place
Macho Man -came in Show at third
Shakleford was fourth.

I never dreamed this was going to happen.

Oh well, here's
some Past winners

like Mind that Bird
Remember him?

Holding up three fingers for 3rd win Calvin Boral

Past Kentucky Derby Winners:

Love that Calvin Boral
Super Saver (Calvin)
Mind that Bird (Calvin)
2008 Big Brown (K.Desormeaux)
2007 Street Sense (Calvin)
2006 Barbaro
2005 Gacomo
2004 Smarty Jones
2003 Funny Cide
2002 War Emblem
2001- Monarchos


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137th "Run for the Roses"

Yes it's upon us again the 137 th RUN FOR THE ROSES
NBC will start showing the Derby about 4:30
Post time was 6:20 but may change.

Toby's Corner was scratched due to injury on left leg.
I feel so bad for the owner.
All that trouble to get so close,
" The Derby" and then disappointment. Well, that's
What makes Horse Racing.

I'm betting Brilliant Speed #2 position

and hope it rains like cats and dogs.
That's my long shot and I think Dialed in
will win. Midnight might be in the money

Hope a Long shot wins like Brilliant Speed,
that would upset the apple cart.
Whoa there Nelly..
what a surprise that would be...

SO Here's The 2011 Entries for the Derby

Kathleen O'Connell with a girl

trainer and a name like that "Watch me Go "
at $50 -1 is a real long shot.
Give me one for the Irish.
I really don't expect her to win.
it would be fun.

There is also another girl Trainer
Kathy ritvo- Mucho Man

Wish I could go to Churchill Downs, how exciting a day it would be.

No Fillies entered this year.

The kentucky Derby is the 3rd Saturday in May.
It is the shortest leg for the triple Crown.
The most exciting 2 minutes in sports.
The race track is a mile and a quarter.

Male horses carry 126 pounds and Female 121 lbs.

Pants on Fire is gorgeous.

They say has enough speed, but not enough stamina.
Phoofy- anything can happen. That's why it's so exciting.

Pants on fire Odds 20-1

Who has the heart to win the Derby this year?. Time will tell.

Watch Brilliant Speed, A real mud runner and
Saturdays track maybe muddy.
Yes I know it's a long shot.
Ka-ching ka-ching $$$
Hip Hip Hurrah !
Let it rain, just makes a crazy race.

Anything goes.. Brilliant Speed Odds 30-1

This horse ARCH ARCH

If Calvin was riding I'd bet. Odds 10-1

Alas!! Calvin Borel is supose to be on TWICE THE APPEAL
. Odds 20-1
Arch Trainer Jinks has the
number one position on the rail.
That position. I think has an advantage.

It's all the Jockey's insight and instints
and the first 200 yards says it all.

Midnight Interlude is position# 15

Espeneza is Jockey and Trainer is Bob Baffert,good trainer. Odds 10-1

Dialed In looks like the favorite,
Odds 4-1 but the odds will
change like crazy before post time.
When I was at the track
I would wait till almost the last min
to see the odds,

I always bet long shots.
Love the underdog to win..

Dialed In is beautiful isn't he.
A florida Stakes winner, from last to first, sounds like a
Caveat--- no horse with only 4 starts
has won the Derby since 1918.
The odds on Dialed are 4-1

Remember Anything Goes in the race.
You just don't know what will happen.

Uncle Mo was 9-2 odds, #18 Todd Pletcher Trainer and Jockey Valazquez

Just heard Sat. AM Mo is scratched, has stomach problems.

The horse Nehro is 6-1 odds ???
Who knows who will even get on the track, we will see

Saturday Eastern time about 5:30-6 pm have to check the time tune in early
to see the line up and gorgeous Hats..

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gone with the wind, and an ill wind it was.

by Rudyard Kipling

Oct 1918
Across a world where all men grieve,
and grieving strive the more,
The Great days range like tides and leave
our dead on every shore.
Heavy the load we undergo,
and our owns hands prepare,
If we parley with the foe
the load our sons must bear.

For agony and spoil
of nations beat to dust,
for poisoned air and tortured soil
and cold commanded lust,
and every secret woe the
shuddering waters saw,
willed and fulfilled by high and low.
Let them return the low.

That when the dooms are read,
Not high nor low shall say-
"my haughty or humble head
was saved this day."
That till the end of time,
Their remnant shall recall
their Fathers old, confederate crime
availed them not at all.

That neither schools or Priests,
Nor Kings may build again
a people with the hearts of beasts
made wise concerning men.
Whereby our dead shall sleep in honour,
and we in faith and honour Keep that Peace for which they paid.

God Bless America

Our Troops

I am guessing the bloggers are afraid of any reprecussions it might make
in the blogging comunity. I am not happy he was laid to rest in the Ocean,

But the 24 hours were up. He was given a better burial than the 9-11

I guess I am one of the few Bloggers to do a Post on the most important
event in 10 years, Can't understand
why my sidebar was not full of American Flags.

For all the beautiful Young men we have lost.

God Bless you all. Thank you for our America.

Better one man than all these Innocent lives.

I am happy that bin Laden is gone.

May he rot in Hell..

I am 74 and really afraid of what I am seeing with the people today.
They want it all and others to lay their lives on the line.
Just to lazy to wave a flag.

Have you had a star in your window?

Good ridence

wave your flag.
We have nothing to fear but fear it's self.
I was watching this at 1:30 Am and saw people
coming to the steps of the Capital, and Ground Zero and I wept.
Woke up to my bloggers what did I see-A BIG NOTHING??
Where are the Patriots??

What do you have to say??

Don't be a woosie speak up!
If you don't like my feelings , tell yours.
Tell it to the 9-11 single parents.

Posted by Yvonne @ La Petite Gallery
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Masquerade #88

Masquerade #88

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unfinished still working

FDR # 93

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Franklyn D. Roosevelt

Duke Himself # 94

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Yorkie # 95

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WW 11

Gen.l Douglas Mac Arthur# 108

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Abe #149

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Took it's toll

Russian Samovar # 150

Russian Samovar # 150
Russian Samovar # 150

sheep heading home #151

sheep heading home #151
sold to Dan and Liz Finberg

Liberty Belle Farm #152

Liberty Belle Farm #152
my old farm for sale

My Thor #153

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Thor at Christmas

Winston # 154

Winston   # 154
Bull dog blue ribbon

Penobscot Indians camp # 155

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Penobscot camp Maine

After the ball # 156

After the ball # 156
oil in board framed for sale

Belted Galloway # 157

Belted Galloway    # 157

autumn in Maine # 158

autumn in Maine # 158
Autumn in Maine

October # 159

October  # 159
Spruce head , in october

Maple Syrup #160 sold

Maple Syrup  #160 sold
Party in Maine- sold

Ravens sold #161

Ravens   sold  #161
Ravens are here

Some headache # 162

Some headache # 162
Why Me? Sold June 2016

Cassa Blanca's sold #163

Cassa Blanca's sold #163
cassa blanca's sold Schupack

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Harrington Cove

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The Endeavor # 167                           #167
The Endeavor On harrington cove

Russian Cossacks #168

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Cossacks Three

Fishing boats # 169

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2nd Prize Winner - Lobster Festival Art Show - Rockland Maine - Summer 2008

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Three Guy's in a Dory # 170
Three guys in a Dory

The Babe # 171

The Babe # 171
Babe 16x20