Saturday, August 11, 2012


JOAN RIVERS At it again::::::::::::::::::::::

Television personality
Joan Rivers created a little mayhem
Tuesday at a Costco in Burbank,
chaining herself to a shopping cart
and shouting from a bullhorn
as part of a protest that also
happened to promote her new book.

Clad in chunky jewelry and oversized dark glasses,
Rivers went onto Costco’s property to denounce
the fact that the wholesale giant does not sell her book,

“I Hate Everyone … Starting With Me.”
Police officers were called to the scene
but no citations were issued.

Rivers ultimately left, but only after speaking
extensively with television reporters.
She said her book had been banned by the chain
because it has cuss words on the back cover.

“People should have the right to have the literature
they want,” the nasal-voiced comedienne told KTLA News.
“This is the beginning of Nazi Germany.”

Rivers had her own film crew in tow for her protest,
said Burbank city spokesman Drew Sugars.
"She had a whole entourage,"
Sugars told The Times. "Sounds like a staged media event."
Rivers made no mention of her protest
on her Twitter account, instead sending tweets
about the stretch bangle bracelets and the QVC
shopping network. But she did tell KTLA she
wasn't entirely satisfied with her publicity stunt.

"They kicked me out without giving me any free samples,”
she told the station.

Then there was the interview with

The New York Times Book review:::

Of all the books you’ve written,

which is your favorite?
Any you wish you’d never written at all?
I’m very proud of my first book,

“Enter Talking.”

It really tells of my struggle to

make it in the business,
and I think somewhere in there is

a good lesson for all young
actors/comedians, which is,
Just keep goingAnd of course,
my latest book,
“I Hate Everyone . . Starting With Me,”
is my true favorite.
What am I, crazy?

This is The New York Times. . ,. .

I'm not going to plug my book?

Please! The book I wish I’d never written is
“Joan Rivers’s Pop-Up Guide to Gynecology.”
She is still funny.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This is a Greek statue
of Minoan Art.
How apropos
for this week.

He is from USA, not Crete.

Bet you didn' t know this is where the idea of
Ladies Corsets in 1700's came from.

Helen has always been a favorite story of mine.
I am sorry when I was in Greece I didn't go to Crete.

Helen was born in Sparta. Married Menelaus.
Than She was taken by Paris.
She was said to be Georgeous. Her father was Zeus.
This started the Trojan War.

We know a lot about myths. But here is some
items that exist.

I can almost see this Necklace on Helen.

The nearby Palace of Knossos is a maze of corridors and passages,
1300 rooms, extensive courtyards, and stairways to multistory buildings.
In Greek mythology, King Minos dwelled in this enormous palace and he is
said to have constructed a labyrinth in which to retain his family's
monstrous progeny, the Minotaur. Stunning frescoes covered the walls,
the residence had private bathrooms,
and the throne room is spectacularly preserved.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Remembering Marilyn

Has it been that long ago?
Aug. 4 th 1962

This magazine cost 30 cents,
in 1962

Many witnesses said they observed Marilyn
being secretly taken that night by an ambulance
crew to a nearby hospital before being returned
again to her Brentwood home in Los Angeles.
Forever steeped in mystery are the exact events
that took place on the night that one of the world's
leading sex symbols and movie legends died.
According to some accounts, Marilyn's body
was rediscovered by her house companion,
Eunice Murray, and her psychiatrist,
Dr. Greenson, several hours following
the initial discovery of her remains.

In recent Years,
here have been a number of conspiracy theories
about her death, most of which contend that she
was murdered by John and/or Robert Kennedy,
with whom she allegedly had love affairs.
These theories claim that the Kennedys ( had her killed)
because they feared she would make public their
love affairs and other government secrets she was gathering.
I have questions about Dr Greenson, did he tamper with the site?.

On August 4, 1962, Robert Kennedy,
then attorney general in his older brother's
cabinet, was in fact in Los Angeles.
Two decades after the fact, Monroe's housekeeper,
Eunice Murray, announced for the first time that
the attorney general had visited Marilyn on the night
of her death and quarreled with her, but the reliability
of these and other statements made by Murray are questionable.

There was also her MOB friends,
could they have done this to get even with the Kennedys??
Four decades after her death, Marilyn Monroe remains
a major cultural icon. The unknown details of her final
performance only add to her mystique.

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