Friday, February 21, 2014

Full moon Crazies

Across the centuries, many a person has uttered 
the phrase "There must  be a full 
Moon  out there"

It's coming March 16th
In an attempt to explain weird happenings at night. Indeed, 
the Roman goddess of the moon bore a name that remains familiar 
to us today:     Luna Even today many people think the mystical
 powers of the full moon induce erratic behaviors,
 psychiatric hospital admissions, suicides, homicides, 
emergency room calls, traffic accidents, fights at professional hockey games,
dog bites and all manner of strange events. 
One survey revealed that 45 percent of college students
believe moonstruck humans are prone to unusual behaviors, 
and other surveys suggest that  Mental health professionals may
be still more likely than laypeople to hold this conviction. In 2007
several police departments in the U.K. even added  more officers on
full-moon nights in an effort to cope with presumed higher crime rates.

SCIENTISTS say they've proven 
what paramedics have claimed for years -
evidence that shows people go a bit nutty 
when there's a full moon.
Dr Gordian Fulde has been the director of the emergency department at 
Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital for 30 year says throughout his entire career 
he's known people really do behave more strangely than they normally do                                    
 at the peak of the lunar cycle. "It's a very firm belief because
it's just been like this for years, decades and centuries," 
Dr Fulde said.  However, science has only just caught up. 
At the University of Basel in Switzerland, a study of sleep patterns
has proved the size of the moon makes a difference and people like 
Dr Fulde should feel validated. His research showed the rate of deep 
sleep dropped by 30 per cent around the full moon, people took
five minutes longer than normal  to fall asleep, and they slept for
20 minutes less overall. The lunar cycle seems to influence
human sleep,even when one does not see the moon and is not aware
of the actual moon phase, said Dr. Cajochen  
An ambulance officer  said that "a full moon would bring                                         
out some interesting behaviour in people".Older paramedics        
would say to you, 'Mate, brace yourself, it's a full moon', 
"I guess you could generalise it as really quite erratic
behaviour, and more of it."

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

Medics at hospital e.r.'s call it "knife and gun club en force" because every Sat is knife and gun club.
Yvonne, I tend to stay home, behind locked gates and during some full moons and every 10/31 I pull all the animals in from far pastures to the barns. No sense in taking chances.

Renée Finberg said...

when you work in retail....
you know that it's true.

that's where the term
'LUN-ATIC' came from.

xxx moi

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ya know, I wonder.....when I see a full moon, it literally makes me HAPPY and full of energy. I wonder if that light at night gives people the feeling of doing what they normally wouldn't do by day.....either way, it's a gorgeous sight. Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

AHHH.....patient Yvonne! (teeheee) thank you dear one for coming by for a shot! HEY, do you have tons of snow like us? We got socked day before yesterday and we were all driving on an ice rink yesterday. Talk about needing a shot; we here in Minnesota need a dose of HEAT! Much love, Anita

joanny said...


So True...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening dearest Yvonne! I saw that you visited me, and I loved your comment about your journalism teacher. I saw your comment today right before I went into my first high school class, and I used your comment as MY MANTRA...yes, I DID. "Understanding, warmth and kindness" is what I told myself today as I realized that those are eternal qualities that eventually surpass the follies of youth and will one day be remembered. THANK YOU SO must be budding wings today....Anita

marilyn said...

Love the full moon but you'll have to ask others about my behavior during one. Hope you are about snow free.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

When I worked in a hospital we did see unusual events happen during a full moon!