Thursday, January 28, 2016

wake up and smell the roses

Will the New Congress 
Save Social Security,
Medicare and Medicaid
or Cut Benefits? 
The Middle Class
 wants to know.

Wake up and smell the roses. Congress is burying us.

By May 1, 2016, Congress will officially end a series of Social Security's most lucrative benefits.
This will cause an estimated $11.41 billion to effectively disappear.
“Buried in the new rules that the House Republican majority {adopted} for the 114thCongress is a provision that could threaten Disability Insurance (DI) beneficiaries — a group of severely impaired and vulnerable Americans — with a sudden, one-fifth cut in their benefits by late 2016. The provision bars the House from replenishing the DI trust fund simply by shifting some payroll tax revenues from Social Security’s retirement trust fund.”
It is a historic amount of money.Currently, as many as 21.3 million Americans could be eligible for large payouts from these benefits.
And if you are one of them, your time is quickly running out to step forward and claim what is rightfully yours.
Here's what you need to know.
The banning of these benefits has been set in motion thanks to the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015-2016.
In Section 831 of this legislation, it clearly states this reform was intended to prevent recipients from collecting more money from the Social Security Administration (SSA) than Congress intended.
With the Federal debt quickly approaching $19 trillion, not surprisingly, these dramatic changes were passed in both the House (266-167) and Senate (64-35) with overwhelming majorities.
And this past November President Obama signed the reform into law.
Congress and the White House Have Finally Found Something They Can Agree on.
The policy, known as site-neutral Medicare payments, is similar to one included in President Obama’s budget, which would also have gone into effect retroactively. It has been endorsed by Congress’s panel of outside Medicare experts, MedPac. 
The White House and GOP have also struck a major deal on an ObamaCare provision that requires large employers to automatically enroll new employees in health plans and rollover current employees.
That measure, which has been twice delayed, has not yet gone into effect. It has already passed the House as part of its budget reconciliation measure earlier this month. That change alone was expected to save about $8 billion through 2025, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
In another win for Democrats, the budget deal incorporates a cost-saving strategy for Medicaid, in which generic drug-makers are required to pay additional rebates to state Medicaid programs when their drug costs increase faster than inflation.
The idea has been pushed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who is running for the Democratric presidential nomination, and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), who say it would help save Medicaid about $500 million over 10 years.
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had pushed for “structural entitlement reforms” during weeks of talks with the White House, according to a source familiar with the talks.
“This would be the first significant reform to Social Security since 1983 and would result in $168 billion long-term savings,” the source said.
Cheating us, because they have
abused the system, we pay for their private flights home after 3 days work. They are the cause for the money problems.
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Big Lot's Commercial--Deanna

Have you seen her?  Deanna DellaCioppa.
Image result for big lots xmas commercial deanna
Black Friday woman commercial

I think she is GREAT!
Only commercial I like..
You know I studied Commercial art, and advertising.

what do you think? How about a comment on her.

 last year

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Marie Antoinette's house is in Maine 2011

MARIE at age of sixteen a Queen

Pretty little Lady..
MARIE had four Children
Two died of tuberculosis
The Two children left,
Boy died in Prison at the hands of
THE FRENCH RAT Robespierre. If you are ever called
Robespierre it is not a complement!
The ten year old Charles (The Dauphin) his last cries
were for his Mother. The Doctor Pellelan Cut his heart out
and kept it on his Mantel. SOME DOCTOR!!!!
It gets worse..
Here is a lady who lost her head over a necklace.
 Portrait by Joseph Ducreux
This is the House built for Marie.
In Maine.
She would not leave her Children.

**************Marie Antoinette ....The Last French Queen
History has it that Captain Stephen Clough (or Capt. Nathan Cloud)
 Owned a sloop called The Sally.
(Sally was his Daughters name.) Think I'll paint the BRiG.

The Sally was impounded
by the French. He was trying to
 rescue her And had built a house
for her in Wiscasset Maine. The ship was loaded with her cats and possessions.
Marie would not go and leave her Son. At that time other than Boston,
Wiscasset was the hub of 19'th century trade.
The house was moved to Edgecomb Maine. It still stands today.
This is the explanation why so many RARE antiques have been found in Maine over generations.THE MAINE COON CAT was a result from the beautiful
Persian and Angora cats that jumped off the ship.

Maine coon cat

The only one to survive the Reign of Terror,
was the Daughter Therese. She was released and sent
to Vienna after years of imprisonment. She was then
Madame la Dauphine Married and Died of pneumonia 1851.
Fifty eight years to the date of anniversary of her Mothers execution.
Most the images were from the encyclopedia and
Maine Historical society The Furniture of Marie's is in
the Knox Mansion, in Thomaston, Maine. Worth a visit,
also a desk a gift from George Washington.

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